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Creating & Producing Original Animated Content

Mission Statement

Animating stories that share biblical truths in fun and unexpected ways!

Vision Statement

To inspire growth in faith-based storytelling in animation, and to encourage trust in Jesus Christ through fun stories that resonate with people from around the world.

Half Dome

Penguin & Peep

Best friends and polar opposites, Penguin & Peep go on adventures in hopes of having the perfect day together. Penguin loves his home in the zoo, but Peep is always looking for something new.

Status: Shorts in production, 39x7' pre-series in development

Yosemite Valley


In the Alaskan woods behind her house, a relocated CA girl determined to fit in becomes friends with a magical creature trying to help his no-nonsense neighbors.

Status: 26x11’ pilot episode in pre-production

Low cloud over Glacier Point

Sweetness on the Seas

A reformed pirate launches a family business selling sweets out of his ship-bakery to anyone with a doubloon to spare, be it pirate, Kingsman, monster, or merman.

Status: In development